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I am going to start offering pottery classes.

Tuesday Evenings 6-8/8.30


Saturday 2-4/4.30

I have been potting for a few years, and a home studio has meant I have been able to spend a lot of time out there learning and creating. 

I look forward to sharing the satisfaction of teaching you to make your own clay creation.

The classes will be to make 2 tealight candle holders around 20 cm tall.

You will learn how to work with a slab of clay, decorate it with stamps, patterns, or carving patterns and textures.  And of course creating holes to let the light shine out. 

Clay is provided.  And all tools required.

Along with step by step demonstration and instructions.  

No experience is neccessary.

When you have completed your tea light candles, I will keep them safe and dry them slowly.  I will tidy up any sharp edges and they will have their first firing.  I will glaze them for you and fire them again.

They will then be ready to collect.  This will take around 6-8  weeks.

I will also do private group bookings with dates and times to be agreed upon.

I have some future workshops in mind, so if you and 3 friends would like to make something else we can chat and make a plan.



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